The brewery and restaurant U Tří růží Prague

The brewery and restaurant U Tří růží Prague

The brewery and restaurant U Tří růží Prague

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The Brewery’s beefburger with crispy bacon, Emmental cheese, tomatoes and pickled gherkins, served with French fries

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Prague brewery U Tří růží

The brewery and restaurant U Tří růží in Prague is situated in the historical center on Husova street close to the famous Charles Bridge and Old Town Square. Right after your entering the feeling of the unique atmosphere of an Old-Prague brewery will overcome you. The feeling is intensified by wall-paintings by artists Jiří Bernard and Pavel Jakl who drew and painted pictures about the history of brewing in the Czech lands as the rich history of the house (the brewery U Tří růží).

You may notice brew-houses on the ground floor where under the leadership of our experienced brew master Robert Maňák you have the chnace to try 6 different beers. The combination of our best method standards, highest quality ingredients and the traditional craftsmanship of brewing in Czech lands allowed the brewery U Tří růží to gain the status of a monastic brewery of the Dominican Order which is located not far from the building. Thanks to this we have picked up the threads of a very old brewing tradition which began in the 15th century.

The house itself has a very interesting history. In the year 1405 an important brew master Beneš gained for the house the right to brew beer and started one of the oldest chapters of brewing in the Czech lands. In later history we can find that Václav Matěj Kramerius moved his publishing house Česká Expedice here and remained till the year 1804. You may notice a plaque in the house's frontage.

Apart from beer we would love to offer on this memorable spot some of our specialties from the Czech cuisine which are cooked under the leadership of our chef Martin Procházka, who came here from hotel Arcon which has just recently gained a Michelin Star. In our menu which he prepared for our restaurant you will find numerous specialties best to go with beer our special season and daily menus.



West coast IPA

West coast IPA Top-fermented beer.

This type of beer is characterized by high bitterness and a strong hop aroma.

Beer was brewed from American hops Chinook, Sorachi Ace, Citra.

Alc 6.1%.


Munich Fest Beer


Fest beer, Alc 5,7%

The beer of the Munich type brewed by Bavarian recipe, with adding of the German hop giving a special slightly bitter taste. This beer is traditionaly brewed for "Oktoberfest".


Old Bavarian weissbeier

New Beer on tap !

Old Bavarian weissbeier

Brewed according to the ancient original recipe.

Top-fermented beer with German yeast and banana flavor.

Gr. 14%, alc. 5.4%.

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